【★Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this event has been canceled.★】  


Holy Mountain Inedia Class

The Energy Empowerment Retreat program will be taught by Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi. It includes the Vajra Great Perfection Dharma, the Energy Essence Cultivation Dharma, and more. It is to develop one’s wisdom and potential, positively shift one's fate, optimize genes, and benefit future generations of families and society.
(* Attendees must have learned the Zen Meditation Program.)

Ages: 18 – 56 years old

Duration: May 1 – 12, 2020 (12 days)

Venue: Peace Hall, 17 Liberty Street, Amsterdam, NY 12010


(1) Deadline: Written applications should be submitted to the email address below 7 days before the start of the program.

Email: contact@ghpua.org
Tel: 1-518-212-6338

(2) Applicants of each program must bring a copy of an accredited physical exam/report taken within the last 6 months. If the applicants have been diagnosed with certain disease(s) or have seen a doctor within one year, medical records and exam records must be accompanied with the applicant.

(3) Applicants of each program must bring 8 passport photos: 4 at the size: 1”x 1”, and 4 at the size 2”x 2”.

(4) Enrollment of registration will take place at Peace Hall, Holy Mountain Buddha Land.

(5) Luggage is limited to two bags per attendee.