Guang Huan Mi ZongHoly Master Ziguang Shang ShiGHMZ Health Dharma



Guang Huan Mi Zong Dharma fits the needs of everyone in the world, especially for laymen. Because when people are busy with their families, jobs and careers, they do not have much time to learn what real Buddhism is. Even though some people would send prayers to Buddhas, what they ask for are only fortune, wealth, and/or inner peace. They cannot understand the truth within. Practicing GHMZ Dharma is the only and best way to fulfill the needs of modern people. No matter what gender, age, region you are, as long as there have a 100 square feet space, you can practice. Thirty to sixty minutes of practice every day can help you improve immune system, elevate energy level, boost holistic health, relieve chronic diseases and pain, develop inner peace and wisdom, and discover the path towards abundance...

-- Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi